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3. Pedagogical Projects 

"Passers of winegrowers' heritage"

The spirit of transmission is of course the guiding thread and the very philosophy of « Les Vieilles Branches».


Without this spirit of "passer", nothing would motivate the establishment of works and experiments of which we are not sure to see the results in our lifetime. 


We would like to instruct them to:

• The History of Viticulture, and more specifically that of the “phylloxeric crisis”, because history is what has been, not what some historians have reported.

• Resiliency in the face of adversity, from depopulated pests to institutional defeatists.

• The spirit of humility in the face of Nature, in its various components, and the place of Man in his global environment.

• Duty and desire to cultivate the vine in an ecological way, without a spirit of moralization, nor proselytism for any chapel.

We hope that the Association "Les Vieilles Branches" is a place of reception and pedagogy, for the classes of young children, but also for the more knowledgeable professionals, or simply a curious public.



"Open Days" will be planned, while additional training will be provided in the rooms of the partner training institutions.

Finally, we would like in the long term, if the means allow, to establish a real museum of phylloxeric crisis and grafting of the vine. We already have a lot of material available for this memorial and educational part, but the priority today is not the funding of premises.

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