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An authentic viticulture
Finding solutions to Phylloxera

At the end of the nineteenth century, the wine world underwent a cataclysm, the "phylloxeric crisis".

This euphemism hides in fact a real war with a foreign occupation that has lasted for more than one hundred and fifty years. The consequences for viticulture have been dramatic. The change of scenery of that single insect, the Phylloxera, had for consequences to modify the entire european vine plants by grafting them on American rootstocks.

This historic decision, which does not have to be judged because it immediately saved the European viticulture, still affects the wine world today. As the opponents of systematic grafting had predicted, the results were a decrease in the life expectancy of the new vines, an increase of chemical treatments in vines and wines, ​ and a loss of biodiversity.

For more than a hundred years, we have been living under this Phylloxera-occupied regime, collaborating with it by accepting this plague. As a result, the contemporary vine plant has become a true consumable: «biodegradable» in the short term.

This development, which undoubtedly benefits intensive producers of plant material, and agrochemical groups which have an advantage in seeing more fragile and dependent vines, has come to the detriment of the interest of winemakers and the population.

Our philosophy and values are based on authenticity, honesty, respect and humility.


Our association is for the benefit of Winemakers, Consumers, our Children and Mother Earth.

1. Biological control
of the insect
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3. Pedagogical
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